Marshmallow Flower


Marshmallow Flower:

The marshmallow flower making process:
Granulated sugar is a cube of crystal. Crystal sugar molecule arranged in a very neat, each molecule has a fixed position, just as neatly parked in the car park of the same car. However, once the sugar into the production of Marshmallow machine, the molecular structure will change, the sugar will become a long filamentous material, with around like cotton.
The production of Marshmallow machine is like a bowl of Taiwan's machinery, machine parts at the center of a high temperature of the heating chamber, the heat broke the crystal structure, will be turned into sugar syrup. Heating chamber in a number of sugar than the size of particles smaller holes. When heating sugar in the cavity in high-speed rotation, centrifugal force would be small holes in the syrup from the jet to the "bowl" around. As the cold liquid material solidified its speed and size, the smaller the size, the faster coagulation. As a result, researchers in the heating chamber of the design of very small diameter hole, only 50 microns, from the small hole in the jet out of the syrup immediately condensed into a solid silk sugar will not stick together.
The rapid cooling to allow sugar molecules did not have time to neatly arranged, so that children in the hands of the huge fluffy Marshmallow is no longer a crystal, but many of the line composed of glassy sugar. With a little professional words, the crystal structure of the sugar Marshmallow making machine has been destroyed by the enemy, the arrangement of sugar molecules is no longer the law, but relatively disorganized. Such changes in the structure can be used to test the melting point, there is a specific sugar molecule of the melting point, melting in the heat when the temperature will not change; silk and Marshmallow is no specific melting point, when the melting temperature will gradually rise.


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